How To Use Zoom To Get New Clients in 2022

Isaac Sseyonga

Isaac Sseyonga

Zoom has 504,900 business customers. If you’re one of them, congratulations! You’ve made a wise decision.

And if you’re not one of them, what are you waiting for? Zoom is the perfect way to connect with clients and colleagues worldwide. With Zoom, there’s no need for expensive travel or time-consuming meetings.

You can have up to 10 people in the meeting and share your screen and speakerphone. When you’re done with your meeting, it will automatically end and go into your phone’s camera roll!

What Zoom is and what it can be used for?

Zoom is a video conferencing app that allows you to connect with people across the globe on your phone.

It makes it possible for you to have up to 10 people in the meeting and share your screen and speakerphone.

In essence, you can conduct a business meeting from anywhere globally by using Zoom.

When Zoom is used correctly, it can be a great way to facilitate business meetings.

Zoom is used the same way you’d use Skype, GoToMeeting, or any other sort of video-conferencing application.

Most of the time, you’ll want to use it for one-on-one chats with clients and colleagues.

You could also use Zoom for small business meetings where no more than ten people are involved.

Once the meeting is finished, the full recording of your Zoom call will automatically be saved into your phone’s camera roll!

That means that you’ll have access to it whenever you want if anything important details are missed during the meeting.

It’s easy to use and saves time on travel and time spent in the office.

Time is money, so make sure to use it efficiently!

How to use Zoom to get more clients?

Everyone is always trying to find ways to bring in more business and meet people to sell their products or services.

With the rise of technology, it’s easier than ever before! Going into a sales call or being introduced at a conference can be a little intimidating. You can alleviate this by using Zoom, a video conferencing app.

You can connect with potential clients on Zoom by:

1. Share screens and screenshots.

One of the best ways to show clients what you do is by sharing your screen, screenshots, or even both! You can also do this with Zoom’s annotation feature. Just take a screenshot on your phone or laptop, then upload it into zoom, draw all over it and send it back to them!

2. Send out surveys.

When you’re starting to reach out to clients, it’s good to know if they’re interested in your services. Use Zoom to show an explainer video of what you do and send out a quick survey at the end asking them if they would use your product or service.

3. Create video demos.

A great way to make potential clients feel more comfortable is to show your face! We all know you’re super friendly, but some people are still a little unsure.

Capture yourself on video while you demo some of the features of your service or explain what you do. This way, the client knows whom they are dealing with!

4. Schedule Zoom sessions.

Every business needs clients, so why not ask for feedback, give a sneak peek of what you do, and send out some questionnaires? You can even schedule Zoom sessions, so your potential clients know exactly when they will be speaking with you!

These are just some of how you can use Zoom to start engaging with people. There’s no end to the types of services you could provide, so go ahead and start selling!

5. Show behind the scenes pictures from projects you’ve worked on.

It can be daunting to book a sales call with someone you’ve never met before. It’s so much easier when you have a face to show, but it’s even better if they know what you do and see some of the fantastic work that their competitors or partners are doing.

Zoom allows you to easily share pictures and videos from Instagram, Facebook, etc., with up to 10 people! Use this feature to share some of your projects with potential clients or existing clients.

With Zoom, you can capture their attention in a whole new way! They’ll be able to see the fantastic work done and feel more at ease when they finally talk.

6. Connect with clients that live in different time zones.

Are you someone who works in the nightlife industry? Do you have clients all over the world?

While Zoom won’t let you change time zones, it will help your client feel more comfortable showing their face. The way to do this is by connecting with them for a video chat when they are awake! Zoom can easily handle that.

7. Create customized polls.

Getting clients to provide feedback is the best way to help them feel more comfortable with you and your company! Zoom allows you to customize polls so that you can ask whatever questions will get the most information out of them to build a better relationship.

8. Send messages or emails without leaving zoom.

Sometimes it’s hard to explain something in words. Whether it’s because there are too many ideas to go over or you want everyone on the same page, Zoom allows you to send messages or emails without leaving your session! This is helpful if you’re trying to get through much information and don’t have time for typing.

9. Create a private meeting just for one customer or client

Zoom is great because you can share screens and advance quickly to get your messages across. It’s also a secure way of connecting with someone from anywhere in the world.

The zoom app allows you to customize your settings based on how you’re going to use it. If you want to annotate or draw on your screen, you can set that up on Zoom!

10. Use the zoom meeting room calendar to schedule meetings

It’s hard to keep track of all your clients and make sure everyone is happy with your services. With Zoom, it becomes easy to manage everything in one place! You can use the “meeting room” section to make a calendar and schedule meetings.

With Zoom, you can easily change your settings for the meeting you’re hosting, either as a one-on-one or as a part of a more significant team meeting! It makes scheduling everything easier and more secure than emailing back and forth.

11. Record video conferences

It’s important when pitching to clients that you have detailed records of your work. That way, they can see everything that’s been done and approve it before you move on with the next step.

Zoom allows you to create recordings of your meetings so that you’ve got full coverage for every project! It saves everyone time, especially if multiple people are involved in the process.

How to set up a Zoom account

Setting up a Zoom account is easy! You need a computer or mobile device with a camera and microphone and an internet connection.

First, go to and click on the “Create Account” button.

How to set up a Zoom account

Enter your email address and password, then click on the “Create Account” button.

You will then be asked to provide some additional information about your account. Fill out the form and click on the “Create Account” button.

You will then be taken to the Zoom home screen. You can either create a new meeting or join an existing meeting.

Tips on how to use Zoom for successful meetings.

It’s great to have the ability to connect with people worldwide, but there are some tips you can follow for having successful Zoom meetings. Whether it’s professional or personal Zoom meetings, here are some ideas for making them run smoothly.

  1. Make sure you have a good internet connection.
  2. Test your audio and video before the meeting starts.
  3. Use a headset or microphone and speakers to avoid echo or background noise.
  4. Keep meetings short and on the topic to avoid distractions for participants.
  5. If someone has difficulty joining or hearing, try to troubleshoot the issue as quickly as possible.
  6. Be aware of body language and facial expressions when speaking in a Zoom meeting – it’s easy to misinterpret tone over video chat!
  7. End meetings on time, so people don’t feel rushed off the call.
  8. Always promote the meeting to your participants and answer any questions beforehand.
  9. If you’re using Zoom for business use, ensure everyone is on the same platform (PC or Mac) so there are no compatibility issues.
  10. Don’t forget to follow up with an email recap of what was discussed in the meeting!

Examples of how to zoom have been used successfully by Businesses.

  1. Zoom has been used by businesses for online training sessions, as it is an easy platform to use and provides good audio and video quality.
  2. Some businesses have used Zoom to hold virtual job interviews, allowing potential employees to see and hear the interviewer.
  3. Several businesses have successfully held virtual team meetings with Zoom, as it allows everyone to participate equally no matter where they are located.
  4. Many business owners use Zoom for one-on-one consultations with clients, as it feels more personal than a conference call or email exchange.
  5. Online courses are often taught using Zoom, as it is a platform that students from all over the world can easily access.
  6. Some businesses use Zoom to hold webinars, as it allows the audience to see and hear everything that is happening in real-time.
  7. Businesses often utilize video conferencing for investor relations presentations – Zoom is an excellent solution for this type of situation because it’s easy to use and provides exceptional audio and video quality.


How much does Zoom cost?

Zoom charges a monthly rate per user and different rates for different audio and video quality levels – Basic, Pro, and Ultra.

The Basic level has unlimited participants but only allows for 20 minutes of screen-sharing time per meeting.

The Pro level allows up to 100 participants with no limits on sharing or meetings time and 4K video quality. The Ultra plan offers the same as the Pro level but includes 5K resolution for your video calls. To learn more about pricing plans, visit this page.

What are some of the advanced features available on Zoom?

Some unique features available on Zoom are video conferencing rooms (similar to what you would see on Google Hangouts), file sharing, screen capture, whiteboarding, integration with Outlook and Gmail to send invites, recording meetings for playback, later on, multiple-language support for over 20 different languages, the ability to have up to 100 participants in a video conference call (Pro plan required), secure log-in with two-step authentication to keep your Zoom account safe.

There are also other features like Q&A sessions after the presentation or meeting has concluded. To learn more about all of Zoom’s features, visit this page.

How do I cancel my Zoom account?

Please contact Zoom directly if you would like to cancel your account – there is no automated process available for canceling the subscription. You can contact their customer service department by email ( ) or phone (1-866-841-6002).

Is Zoom HIPAA compliant?

Zoom supports industry standards such as HIPAA, making it a safe and secure platform for sharing sensitive data like healthcare records.

All communication on Zoom is encrypted and offers the same level of security as online banking. Visit this page to learn more about how Zoom keeps your information safe.

I’m attending a meeting and cannot hear my colleague who is speaking; what do I do?

 If you’re having difficulty joining or hearing another participant in the meeting, try one of these possible solutions: 

Make sure your computer’s sound settings are correctly configured. If you have a headset or speakers plugged in, disconnect them. Zoom needs to use your computer’s built-in microphone and speaker.

Ensure the microphone is selected on your audio settings within Zoom. Make sure your internet connection is stable and sufficient for video conferences.


Zoom is an excellent platform for virtual team meetings, one-on-one consultations with clients, online courses, and webinars. More than likely, you’ve been using Zoom or have seen it being used in the past without realizing its full potential to drive sales.

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